This software needs to offer the basics like creating estimates and tracking job expenses. The focus should be on a user-friendly experience that helps you handle administrative work in less time. Construction accounting software helps manage finances and ensure the long-term profitability of construction companies. It provides job costing, bidding, financial reporting, and invoicing features. Construction accounting software is designed to meet a construction company’s general accounting needs.

This is best for contractors who want to integrate an accounting and project management platform with construction drawing and output. Now you should have a better idea of the construction accounting software options on the market, and hopefully you’re a little closer to finding the software tool that’s the best fit for your team. There are a few unique benefits that construction accounting software offers over general-purpose accounting software. These are must-haves in construction accounting software, and I would be hesitant to include any software on this list that didn’t include these. Standout features of Knowify include plenty of custom templates for invoicing, proposals, and more. You can use these to make your bids and proposals look professional and really stand out from the competition, which should in turn help you to land more construction jobs.

ZipBooks is an affordable and easy to use option for any construction businesses just starting up. While it does not include any construction features especially, it is free to use but will only connect to one account when starting out. Here are our top picks for the best construction accounting software to use this year. We ranked and reviewed the 5 best construction accounting software so that you can pick the best one for you. Customers who can get away with the basic program or software for small contractors will pay a base rate.

  1. The next function layer is the Procore analytics feature that works with the specialized app marketplace filled with third-party solutions that integrate with Procore.
  2. This can lead to a number of stressors, so you should think about how you want your software to work.
  3. Thanks to that, you can always make crucial, well-informed decisions, safe for your finances.
  4. Not all software will allow for everyone to use it, so you need to consider how many members of staff will need access to it.

Not all software will allow for everyone to use it, so you need to consider how many members of staff will need access to it. If you have more staff than available users allowed here, you’ll need to consider who will be able to access it, and if it will add to any costs. If your business expands in the future, you will want to know if you can use your accounting software with another or change to a completely new one. This could impose challenges in the long run if you can’t transfer your previous details into another software. You can sign up for plans to get additional features, and it can be accessed with the ZipBooks app and on any web browser, which means you don’t need to spend too much time training anyone to use it.

Find the best Construction Accounting Software

CMiC also offers API bundles for CRM, estimates and budgets, payroll processing, and other tasks. If your construction business is growing quickly and you’re finding it hard to keep everyone on the same page, then CMiC is the software I recommend. Its collaboration suite keeps 33 timeless sales tips to convert even the most frugal leads all of your project bids, schedules, and summary data in one place so that nothing gets lost. Most construction companies have crews working on the field, so it is important to have a mobile app that allows them to record their activity anywhere from their smartphone.

Get the best construction accounting software on the market

“The platform is quite complicated and also it is difficult to integrate with other CRM software like Salesforce. “We had a problem with managing our project and keeping track of financials. This system was literally the exact thing we needed. Love the customizable processes.” Joseph N. At, our research is meant to offer general product and service recommendations. We don’t guarantee that our suggestions will work best for each individual or business, so consider your unique needs when choosing products and services.

Few apps can boast the depth or breadth of functionality that QuickBooks can offer — or the expansive list of integrations such an industry mainstay brings to the table. In many ways, QuickBooks can more fully meet the needs of enterprise-level construction organizations than many other solutions. Like so many of the tools used on the job site, the best software for construction finance is one that’s specialized to do the job.

A well-established set of vendors offer financial software for contractors. For many contractors, office work can seem like a distraction from their real job, in part because coordinating, managing and directing work on the job site is a full-time responsibility (and then some). Aimed at smaller construction teams, Sage 100 Contractor provides many of the same benefits and tools included in its larger offerings. Not every organization needs multi-company and inter-company features, but nearly every contractor needs a more effective way to price jobs, track expenses and measure profitability over time.

What’s the Difference Between Construction Accounting and Regular Accounting?

The Complete plan starts off at $799 for the first month, then goes up to $1,099 per month after that. The Forbes Advisor Small Business team is committed to bringing you unbiased rankings and information with full editorial independence. We use product data, strategic methodologies and expert insights to inform all of our content and guide you in making the best decisions for your business journey. Software is designed to help people work more efficiently–it shouldn’t make jobs more difficult or time-consuming to complete. CoConstruct also offers convenient voice-to-text notes and automatic weather updates.

We recommend Jonas Premier, CMiC, or another construction ERP software instead. Sage 100 Contractor isn’t the only accounting choice for small construction companies, though. Depending on how small your business is, a mid-tier FreshBooks or QuickBooks plan might be enough to maintain and grow your business’s profitability. But Jonas Premier isn’t the only contractor accounting software solution, which means it might not be the best contractor software for you. For instance, if you need an affordable, collaborative ERP solution, Buildertrend might be a better fit. Or if you’ve just started subcontracting, you might be fine with bookkeeping software like QuickBooks Online or Xero.

The number one reason we’d recommend QuickBooks for contractors is the app’s superb inventory management functionality. QuickBooks lets you keep track of four types of items — inventory items, non-inventory items, services, and bundles. It also provides valuable inventory insights, notifies you of low stock, and lets you track inventory by item and date. Today’s leading construction accounting platforms offer standard security features including data encryption, secure credential tokenization and more. While human error will always play some role in security breaches, you can be confident in your accounting platform when it comes to keeping your information safe. Not only do you and your employees need to feel comfortable using the system but so do clients and subcontractors if you integrate them into the bidding and project management process.

For instance, if your construction business involves multiple trades or specialties, class tracking allows you to see which trade is the most profitable and which ones require your attention. However, many are able to integrate with time-tracking software, allowing the user to find an additional program that can handle and report its data back to the accounting software. The cost of using one of the best construction accounting software programs can range from just over $100 a year to many, many thousands of dollars. The cost depends on the program and what modules or extra functions the customer needs. Prices can vary greatly depending on the kind of software you’re using, though most offer low-price plans to get started.

I made a point of looking for software with plenty of keyboard shortcuts, quick-menus, and other ways to speed up data input so your team can work more efficiently. If you outsource your company’s payroll to a 3rd party administrator, Jonas Premier can export employee timesheets and other relevant data to assist in that process. They’ll also help export the data from your existing systems when you make the switch. Large companies will benefit from software that standardizes their workflow and accommodates large amounts of data.

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