The include_dot_dirs parameter indicates whether “.” and “..” are to be included in the result set; the default is to exclude them. Including them can be useful when missing_ok is true, to distinguish an empty directory from a non-existent directory. Lists the tables or indexes in the partition tree of the given partitioned table or partitioned index, with one row for each partition. Information provided includes the OID of the partition, the OID of its immediate parent, a boolean value telling if the partition is a leaf, and an integer telling its level in the hierarchy.

Table 9.100 shows the functions available for index maintenance tasks. Use of these functions is restricted to superusers and the owner of the given index. Returns the “filenode” number currently assigned to the specified relation. The filenode is the base component of the file name(s) used for the relation (see Section 73.1 for more information). For most relations the result is the same as pg_class.relfilenode, but for certain system catalogs relfilenode is zero and this function must be used to get the correct value.

Synchronized snapshots are necessary when two or more sessions need to see identical content in the database. Calculates the difference in bytes (lsn1 – lsn2) between two write-ahead log locations. This can be used with pg_stat_replication or some of the functions shown in Table 9.91 to get the replication lag. Requests to log the memory contexts of the backend with the specified process ID. This function can send the request to backends and auxiliary processes except logger. They will appear in the server log based on the log configuration set (see Section 20.8 for more information), but will not be sent to the client regardless of client_min_messages.

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